DOT Compliance at a Glance

The United States Department of Transportation maintains certain standards to ensure public and private roadways remain safe. Compliance with hours of service regulations, driver qualification and vehicle inspection requirements, and drug and alcohol restrictions is required in a variety of transportation industries, including flight, trucking, railroad, maritime, and transit. Ensuring your company remains compliant with DOT regulations means ensuring you and your drivers adhere to all operational requirements set forth by this safety organization.

Driver Qualification Files

Before drivers can operate commercial or transit vehicles, they must meet certain DOT qualifications. As an employer, you are responsible for maintaining current driver qualification files for each of your drivers. These files must include the individual’s application for employment, a copy of the individual’s motor vehicle record, copies of the driver’s road test or driver’s license information, and the individual’s current medical examiner’s certificate.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The DOT requires drug testing for all applicants prior to employment; alcohol testing is optional. Drug testing is also required for current employees who transfer from a non-safety-sensitive position into a new position that is safety-sensitive, even within the same company. Additional drug and alcohol testing may be performed randomly or in response to reasonable suspicion of drug abuse, upon returning to duty after leave, or after an accident or incident in which drugs or alcohol may have played a role.

Vehicle Inspections

In addition to ensuring drivers follow safety procedures, employers must also ensure that vehicles are safe for use. DOT requirements regarding inspection, repair, and maintenance include pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections on every day the vehicle is in operation. These inspections must be filed, along with information regarding any corrective action taken if issues are found.

If you are required to comply with DOT regulations, Oschmann Employee Screening Services can help. We can organize employee background screening, DOT drug testing, and manage your driver qualification files, vehicle inspection reports, and more to ensure you remain compliant with all regulations. Please visit us online or call (520) 745-1029 or (800) 224-8532 for more information about our compliance programs and services.

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