Personal Drug Testing and DNA Paternity Testing

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Reliable and Convenient Personal Drug Testing
and DNA Paternity Testing

Whether you’re in need of a DNA paternity test or you need to test a family member for drugs, you can rely on AZC Drug Testing to deliver reliable and confidential services. We make the process as easy as possible, with legally binding lab-based testing or immediate drug test results in some instances.

Our DNA Paternity Test Services

We understand that accuracy and reliability are the top concerns of our clients who are in need of a DNA paternity test.  That is why our professional staff follows strict collection protocols and all of our DNA test samples are sent to accredited, highly reputable laboratories.  This means you can trust that your results will hold up in any court.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of DNA paternity testing, the following explanations of common terminology can help.

Informational Tests vs. Legal Tests

DNA paternity tests can be initiated by individuals for any reason. All test results are informational. Oftentimes a court may require a DNA paternity test results for the purpose of child custody, child support agreements, citizenship, etc. Legal binding tests follow strict protocols for DNA collection and lab testing.

Inclusion Results vs. Exclusion Results

A DNA test can determine familial relationships. An inclusion result determines that there is a family DNA relationship while an exclusion result determines that there is no shared DNA relationship between the individuals tested. Our accredited lab guarantees at minimum 99.99% probability for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.

DNA Testing Options

There is more to DNA testing than determining paternity. In addition to alleged father/child testing, one can determine siblingship between alleged full or half siblings, aunt/uncle lineage with a child and grandparentage testing.

Testing Process

Our staff will use a sterile buccal swab (much like a Q-tip) to collect cells from the cheek area inside the mouth. Following rigorous collection standards, the DNA in the cells is then sealed and sent to the laboratory to be analyzed to compare the DNA between the samples. It is not necessary to collect samples from the child and alleged family during the same visit. If one of the parties lives in another state, AZC Drug Testing will be happy to arrange out-of-area testing.

Appointments are recommended for DNA paternity testing.  Please call our site nearest you to make an appointment.

Protect Your Family With Our Personal Drug Testing Services

If you suspect that your child, partner, or other loved one may be using illicit drugs, you’ve come to the right place. The staff at each of our collection sites handles each case with care and sensitivity, and all results are strictly confidential. We can identify drug or alcohol use, whether it was recent use or up to six months ago through urine, saliva, and hair testing, as well as breath alcohol testing. AZC Drug Testing can identify any type of drug, including:

Our staff routinely works with clients who need a regular testing program, such as a court ordered drug and alcohol testing program.  Our certified lab-based test results meet the legal standards for court use, as we adhere to strict industry standards. We are happy to share our expertise, should you have any questions about testing a family member or yourself for drugs and alcohol.

Our accredited, award-winning drug and DNA paternity testing company stands ready to serve the needs of your family. There is no need to make an appointment. Simply find a collection site near you and visit us during operating hours.

No Appointment Necessary

We are a walk-in drug testing clinic with 6 locations in Arizona. We do not make appointments for drug test collections.  Simply find a site near you and visit us during operating hours.  We do recommend you to call to make an appointment for DNA testing services.  We are ready to serve the needs of your family.

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Our Locations

AZC Drug Testing looks forward to assisting you with your DNA paternity testing or personal drug testing needs. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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