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Customizable – Custom report packages tailored to your needs

Forward-Thinking – Supervisor and employee training provided online in a manner that is fully compliant with regulations

Impairment-influenced accidents in the maritime industry cause more than the potential for harm to life and property. They can also result in significant environmental damage. The need to improve safety and prevent accidents drives the drug and alcohol testing requirements of the maritime industry as defined by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

AZC Drug Testing lends our expertise and experience to marine employers who are regulated by USCG requirements. The compliance regulations for marine employers can be particularly complex. The USCG, formerly under the Department of Transportation (DOT), still adheres to DOT regulations (49 CFR Part 40) thanks to an agreement between the DOT and the Department of Homeland Security. At AZC Drug Testing, we’re committed to enabling marine employers to maintain safe, drug-free work environments.

Who Is Required to Submit to a USCG Drug Test?

The USCG drug test requirements are applicable to all marine employers with U.S.-flagged vessels that are in commercial service, regardless of the size or capacities of the vessels. These include Six Pack Charter Vessels. Chemical testing is required for all crewmembers who perform safety-sensitive functions, regardless of whether those crewmembers hold merchant mariner credentials. Failing to adhere to USCG drug test requirements can have significant consequences for marine employers, such as the loss of a vessel, loss of license, and substantial civil penalties.

Some of the drug and alcohol testing requirements are as follows:

To learn more about how the USCG drug and alcohol testing requirements may affect your organization, contact a program manager at AZC Drug Testing. We’ll be happy to review your situation and discuss your compliance needs.


We offer more than just drug testing; we provide comprehensive compliance services engineered to give you peace of mind. Never worry about inadvertent violations again by signing up for our consortium program or asking us to develop a custom USCG drug test program for your company. Our consortium program is ideal for smaller marine employers, as it adds your employees to a larger pool beyond your company for random drug testing purposes. We also provide custom solutions, from written company policies to audit support.

Testing Procedures

Random drug and alcohol testing is a crucial component of DOT regulations, and all random testing is included with our consortium fee. We apply a scientific, industry-accepted method for selecting random testing subjects, and we handle everything from collection to notifications to follow-ups. AZC Drug Testing also provides pre-employment and post-accident testing as required by DOT regulations. All drug screens are facilitated by our national network of collection sites, SAMHSA-certified laboratories, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services. All certified results are delivered via our secure reporting system.

Reporting and Documentation

AZC Drug Testing provides all required semi-annual and annual drug testing summary reports as well as customized report packages for your company. Our program managers ensure that you receive all documentation your company needs for compliance.

Audit Support

Our consortium programs are well-regarded among federal auditors. We provide complete audit support services for your company as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your USCG drug test program will meet the standards of all DOT and USCG requirements. Our program managers have extensive experience working with DOT auditors across all modes of transportation.

Company Training

All DOT modes require company training and education programs on substance use and misuse. AZC Drug Testing offers online programs for supervisors (Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training) and employees (Employee Workplace Substance Abuse Training) that meet all USCG and DOT requirements and help you maintain a safe and productive work environment.
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For more than 25 years, marine employers have entrusted their USCG drug test compliance requirements to AZC Drug Testing. We are the trusted source for compliance expertise, consortium testing programs, and custom USCG drug test programs. Contact us today if you have any questions for our program managers, or if you need to establish a drug and alcohol testing program.

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