FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Comprehensive FMCSA Drug Testing Services for Companies of All Sizes

Affordable – Customized testing and consortium programs for companies of all sizes

Compliant – Drug testing programs designed and administered by our highly trained, certified compliance experts

Comprehensive – All types of drug and alcohol testing provided, including random, pre-employment, and post-accident testing, and audit support services included

Knowledgeable – Trained FMCSA clearinghouse and SAP Follow-up team available to assist navigating and managing these DOT required programs

Peace of Mind – National network of collection facilities and SAMHSA-certified laboratories with Medical Review Officers

Convenient – Secure reporting system provides easily accessible, certified test results

Customizable – Custom report packages tailored to your needs

Forward-Thinking – Supervisor and employee training provided online in a manner that is fully compliant with regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing for all employees and companies subject to a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These regulations are aligned with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, and they define who, when, and what situations are subject to an FMCSA drug test.

Violations of these regulations can lead to severe consequences, but when you partner with AZC Drug Testing, you’ll never again have to worry about being inadvertently in violation. We ensure full compliance with all FMCSA drug test requirements, as our experts carefully review each client’s unique situation and develop custom solutions.

Are You Required to Submit to an FMCSA Drug Test?

All employees, companies, and owner-operators that are required to have a CDL are also required to comply with FMCSA drug test requirements. These include:

What Owner-Operators Need to Know

At AZC Drug Testing, we understand that owner-operators need a fast, easy way to get in compliance so they can hit the road as soon as possible. Owner-operators are required by the DOT to be in a consortium pool with FMCSA regulated employees from other companies in order to have a large enough base to select individuals equitably for random testing throughout the year.

When you partner with our team, we’ll ensure that you meet all of the requirements of 49 CFR Part 382, that you’re fully informed of your unique responsibilities as an owner-operator business when it comes to FMCSA and Clearinghouse rules and requirements.

What FMCSA-Regulated Companies Need to Know

FMCSA-regulated companies are responsible for implementing and conducting drug and alcohol testing programs, and for ensuring that each of their drivers is fully aware of their own responsibilities. Unfortunately, these regulations can be quite complex, and not every drug and alcohol testing company will tell you everything you need to know.

That’s why more carriers prefer to work with AZC Drug Testing. We offer a complete FMCSA drug test consortium program that will keep you and your drivers in full compliance. Our consortium program is ideal for smaller companies, and we also offer custom drug and alcohol testing programs that are ideal for larger carriers.


For owner-operators and companies both large and small, AZC Drug Testing is your one-stop-shop for FMCSA and DOT compliance. We’ll cover all your bases so you can focus on your business. Unlike other drug testing companies, AZC Drug Testing provides unmatched expertise and experience, which gives you peace of mind. Consortium and custom drug and alcohol testing programs are available nationwide through AZC Drug Testing.


Testing Procedures

Random drug and alcohol testing is a crucial component of DOT regulations, and all random testing is included with our consortium fee. We apply a scientific, industry-accepted method for selecting random testing subjects, and we handle everything from collection to notifications to follow-ups. AZC Drug Testing also provides pre-employment and post-accident testing as required by DOT regulations. All drug screens are facilitated by our national network of collection sites, SAMHSA-certified laboratories, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services. All certified results are delivered via our secure reporting system.

Clearinghouse Services

As a Consortia Third Party Administrator (C/TPA), AZC Drug Testing can assist you in navigating the registration and compliance process with the FMCSA Clearinghouse. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse was created by an act of Congress and went into effect on January 6. 2020 to give employers real-time access to information about commercial driver drug and alcohol program violations. This new online database directly impacts how organizations hire commercial drivers and is required for any company and driver who operates within the FMCSA regulations.

Reporting, Documentation, and Audit Support

AZC Drug Testing provides all required semi-annual and annual drug testing summary reports as well as customized report packages for your company. Our program managers ensure that you receive all documentation your company needs for compliance.
Our consortium programs are well-regarded among federal auditors. We provide complete audit support services for your company as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your FMCSA drug test program will meet the standards of all DOT and FMCSA requirements. Our program managers have extensive experience working with DOT auditors across all modes of transportation.

Company Training

All DOT modes require company training and education programs on substance use and misuse. AZC Drug Testing offers online programs for supervisors (Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training) and employees (Employee Workplace Substance Abuse Training) that meet all FMCSA and DOT requirements and help you maintain a safe and productive work environment.

Not Quite Sure Whether You’ve Met Your Compliance Requirements?

Download our free checklist on compliance requirements for employers and owner-operators.

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AZC Drug Testing:
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The experienced program managers at AZC Drug Testing look forward to discussing your FMCSA compliance needs. Contact us today to learn more about enrolling in our FMCSA drug test consortium or establishing a custom program for your company.

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AZC Drug Testing looks forward to working with you to help you protect your business by staying in full compliance with all DOT and FMCSA drug testing regulations. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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