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We Provide Comprehensive Employment Screening Locally and Nationwide

AZC Drug Testing is more than a drug and alcohol testing company. We are a full-service employment screening business that delivers peace of mind with our comprehensive compliance programs. When you choose to work with our knowledgeable compliance experts, you can rest assured that you or your employees will have all of the bases covered.

AZC Drug Testing and Oschmann: Better Together

AZC Drug Testing has seen a lot of growth over the past several decades.  Our most recent acquisitions in 2021 resulted in the addition of our 6 wholly-owned Arizona collections sites and rebranding to AZC Drug Testing.

Our company has been serving clients nationwide since 1996, when our Founder and President, Gary Oschmann, launched The Oschmann Organization.  Mr. Oschmann built the company working out of his one-bedroom apartment, beginning with just one client before moving to our first office in Tucson, AZ in 1997.  From these humble roots and the acquisition of several smaller companies, Oschmann Employee Screening Services grew to provide comprehensive drug test management and employment screening services to clients throughout the country.  

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Map of Phoenix and Tucson showing the locations of AZC Drug Testing clinics

We’ve Expanded Our Operations to Better Serve Our Customers

The company continued to grow over the years, adding a custom-built collection van to accommodate mobile testing services in 2006, and moving our headquarters to a larger, custom building one year later. In 2013, the company took a giant leap forward with the acquisition of Professional Air Charter Services. This move enabled Oschmann Employee Screening Services to significantly expand our DOT consortium programs, thereby providing a complete spectrum of compliance services to our clients.

In more recent years, Oschmann has expanded our local presence in Arizona with the acquisition of Reliable On-Site Substance Testing in Phoenix, along with additional mobile testing units and collection sites throughout the state. We continue to participate in nationwide collection site testing services. The company has also relocated its headquarters again, settling into a larger facility that reflects our considerable expansion and enables us to better serve the needs of our clients.

In 2021, Oschmann acquired America Drug Testing and AZ Clinical Services, LLC. These latest acquisitions led to the overall rebranding of Oschmann to AZC Drug Testing. Under the AZC Drug Testing brand, we continue to serve our customers at our local collection sites.

Our Commitment to Adhering to the Highest Standards

AZC Drug Testing is built on our core values of Knowledge, Experience, and Full Service. Plenty of companies offer employment screening services, but no one else can offer the peace of mind you’ll get when you partner with AZC Drug Testing. For years, our team has upheld our commitment to achieving the highest levels of training, certifications, and accreditations available in the industry. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our team, you can confidently run your business knowing that you’re fully compliant and protected against the risk of violations.

We aren’t merely an employment screening company. We are a full-service compliance partner and consortium program. Yet, despite the breadth of our services, AZC Drug Testing makes it as easy and convenient as possible for our clients to stay in compliance. If you’re in need of our consortium services, you’ll enjoy our quick and easy online sign-up process. If you’re an owner-operator, you’ll love the convenience of receiving all of the documentation you need to provide to the DOT. In short, when you partner with AZC Drug Testing, you can trust our knowledge and experience, and our full-service capabilities.

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Where We Started,
to Where We Are Now...

AZC Drug Testing has come a long way from its humble beginnings as The Oschmann Organization back in 1996.

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AZC Drug Testing looks forward to working with you to help you protect your business by staying in full compliance with all drug testing regulations. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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