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We Are a Full-Service Provider of Workplace Drug Testing Programs

As a human resources professional, you already know that you need to establish a drug testing program for your company. Or perhaps you already have one, but problems with your current provider have prompted you to look elsewhere for testing services. At AZC Drug Testing, we focus on forging long-term working relationships with companies that require workplace drug testing programs, either for compliance purposes or for their own peace of mind. We’ll ensure that all of your boxes are checked off, so your company never runs the risk of unfavorable audit results.

How to Get Drug Testing Done Without the Headaches

When you choose AZC Drug Testing, you’ll be surprised by just how easy and quick it is to manage your workplace drug testing programs. Whether you’re an HR professional or an owner-operator, you’ll love that our walk-in collection sites can handle specimen collection in a matter of minutes. Plus, we have a fleet of mobile collection units that can visit your business or other jobsite for unrivaled convenience. Our streamlined system includes instant digital records that you can print or download immediately.

Your Complete Solution for Job Applicant Screening

You’re an HR manager who needs to hire, and you’re dreading the lengthy job applicant screening process. Fortunately, AZC Drug Testing makes it easy. We offer complete pre-employment services, including pre-employment drug testing, comprehensive and customizable background checks, and fingerprinting. But above all, we offer peace of mind so you can feel confident extending job offers.
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“But Aren’t All Workplace Drug Testing Companies the Same?”

If you’re an HR professional, you may have worked with other drug testing companies in the past. When you partner with AZC Drug Testing, you’ll quickly see that we are different. We provide all of the services that other drug testing companies do, plus so much more. In addition to our drug and alcohol testing services, we offer comprehensive, custom-designed workplace drug testing programs. We can provide you with your written company policy, employee and supervisor training courses, report packages, and everything else you need to stay in compliance. In addition, the depth of our expertise and experience is unmatched. We know complex compliance regulations inside and out, and will be happy to collaborate with you on your company’s needs.

AZC Drug Testing vs. Other Drug Testing Companies



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AZC Drug Testing looks forward to working with you to help you protect your business by staying in full compliance with all drug testing regulations. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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