PHMSA Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Comply with PHMSA Drug Test Requirements With Our Expertise

Affordable – Customized testing and consortium programs for companies of all sizes

Compliant – Drug testing programs designed and administered by our highly trained, certified compliance experts

Comprehensive – All types of drug and alcohol testing provided, including random, pre-employment, and post-accident testing, and audit support services included

Peace of Mind – National network of collection facilities and SAMHSA-certified laboratories with Medical Review Officers

Convenient – Secure reporting system provides easily accessible, certified test results

Customizable – Custom report packages tailored to your needs

Forward-Thinking – Supervisor and employee training provided online in a manner that is fully compliant with regulations

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is one of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) modes. It is responsible for the safe transportation of hazardous material, including the energy products that make modern life possible. Because of the high risk of catastrophic accidents caused by impairment, the agency requires all covered employees to submit to a PHMSA drug test program. If your organization falls under the jurisdiction of PHMSA testing regulations, you can partner with AZC Drug Testing for your compliance needs.

As a trusted testing partner, AZC Drug Testing has years of experience and a long track record of satisfied clients. We don’t merely provide drug and alcohol testing services. Rather, we offer a comprehensive range of compliance services built on our in-depth expertise. As a result, you can feel confident knowing your company is in full compliance.

Who Is Required to Take a PHMSA Drug Test?

The PHMSA drug and alcohol testing regulation (49 CFR Part 199) and the DOT drug and alcohol testing regulation (49 CFR Part 40) require operators to establish a drug and alcohol testing program for all covered employees.


AZC Drug Testing is the leading provider of PHMSA drug test services. We offer consortium and custom drug and alcohol testing programs. Our consortium program is ideal for smaller operators who lack a sufficient number of employees for a random testing pool. We also offer customized solutions, complete with everything your company needs to stay in compliance—from a PHMSA-aligned anti-drug plan and written policy to employee and supervisor training.

Reporting and Documentation

AZC Drug Testing provides all required semi-annual and annual drug testing summary reports as well as customized report packages for your company. Our program managers ensure that you receive all documentation your company needs for compliance.

Testing Procedures

Random drug and alcohol testing is a crucial component of DOT regulations, and all random testing is included with our consortium fee. We apply a scientific, industry-accepted method for selecting random testing subjects, and we handle everything from collection to notifications to follow-ups. AZC Drug Testing also provides pre-employment and post-accident testing as required by DOT regulations. All drug screens are facilitated by our national network of collection sites, SAMHSA-certified laboratories, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services. All certified results are delivered via our secure reporting system. AZC Drug Testing provides comprehensive testing services from collection to notification to follow-up. Specimen collection is available with our mobile units or in-house collection sites in Arizona, or via our national network of collection sites. All samples are tested in SAMHSA-certified laboratories and rigorously evaluated by our Medical Review Officers (MROs) for accuracy. In other words, operators can rely on the time-tested standards of our programs.

Audit Support

Our consortium programs are well-regarded among federal auditors. We provide complete audit support services for your company as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your PHSMA drug test program will meet the standards of all DOT and PHSMA requirements. Our program managers have extensive experience working with DOT auditors across all modes of transportation.

Company Training

All DOT modes require company training and education programs on substance use and misuse. AZC Drug Testing offers online programs for supervisors (Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training) and employees (Employee Workplace Substance Abuse Training) that meet all PHSMA and DOT requirements and help you maintain a safe and productive work environment.
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Your Trusted Compliance Partner

For more than 25 years, AZC Drug Testing has been the trusted drug and alcohol testing compliance partner of organizations in all DOT modes, including the PHMSA. Contact AZC Drug Testing today to discuss setting up a custom PHMSA drug test program for your company. Alternatively, you can navigate to our easy online enrollment page to sign up for our consortium program.

Contact Us

AZC Drug Testing looks forward to working with you to help you protect your business by staying in full compliance with all DOT and PHMSA drug testing regulations. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

AZCDT Will Make Sure You
Meet All PHMSA Testing Requirements Nationwide

Third Party Management Services

As a nationwide provider of third party management for employer drug and alcohol testing programs, we have the ability to meet your needs throughout the country no matter the size of your company. Based on the number of regulated pipeline employees, AZCDT Services can set up a company specific testing program to meet the federal requirements or enroll you in our PHMSA drug testing consortium.

Consortium testing is ideal for smaller companies and owner/operators to meet the requirements. A Consortium pools your regulated employees with regulated employees from other companies in order to have a large enough base to select individuals equitably throughout the year.

We are highly regarded by the Federal and State Enforcement Agents from the various modes that have audited our members’ programs. The Department of Transportation regulations allow for Consortiums to administrate the random testing of regulated employees in order to comply with the DOT standards.

Who is required to test by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)?

All employees who perform an operations, maintenance, or emergency-response function regulated by 49 CFR Part 192, 193, or 195 of this chapter that is performed on a pipeline or on an LNG facility. This includes all persons employed by operators, contractors engaged by operators, and persons employed by such contractors.
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