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Not all drug testing companies are the same.
Our Drug & Alcohol Testing and DOT Compliance Programs are highly-regarded, provide online documentation, and benefit both small and large organizations.

Discover Our Full Suite of Employee Screening Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing​

Our drug testing services allow your business to stay in compliance and manage risk.

Background Screening

Protect your company by hiring only rigorously screened job candidates.

Motor Carrier Compliance

Stay in full compliance with all federal and state regulations with our comprehensive compliance solutions.


We offer both employee and supervisor training courses online and in-person.

DNA/Paternity Testing

We use an accredited lab for our DNA samples, so your test will pass muster in any court.

FMCSA DOT Clearinghouse

We can assist you in navigating the registration and compliance process with the FMCSA Clearinghouse.

Flexible Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs that Meet Your Specific Needs

The experienced and knowledgeable team at AZC Drug Testing develops comprehensive drug and alcohol testing programs for employers of both regulated and non-regulated employees. If you have DOT-regulated employees, we’ll thoroughly review your company before developing a compliance solution that provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your company is protected from potential violations.

Even if your employees are not DOT-regulated, your company can benefit from a comprehensive drug-free workplace program. Drug-free workplace programs minimize risk, increase productivity, lower employee turnover rates, and can even offer cost savings on your workers’ compensation premiums. We offer the following:

The AZC Drug Testing Difference

Not all drug testing companies are the same. In fact, most of them are little more than collection sites. At AZC Drug Testing, we’re clearly different. We offer complete compliance solutions, allowing our customers to tap into our extensive expertise and years of experience working with DOT compliance auditors. When you partner with our team, you can receive a custom solution for your workplace—from written policies to training courses to onsite mobile testing units. Our knowledge of complex regulations is unrivaled, allowing our customers to move forward with confidence knowing that their company is fully protected from liability and violations.

For owner-operators and individuals who simply want to get their testing needs done quickly, all of our local collection sites happily welcome walk-in appointments and offer speedy service. In addition to our local collection sites, we are affiliated with a national network of more than 10,000 collection sites. No matter where your travels take you, AZC Drug Testing can help you stay in compliance.

Not Quite Sure Whether You’ve Met Your Compliance Requirements?

Download our free checklist on compliance requirements for employers and owner-operators.

Get to Know AZC Drug Testing

AZC Drug Testing has a reputation for delivering rapid and reliable drug and alcohol testing services at our six local collection sites. Originally Oschmann Employee Screening Services, AZC Drug Testing is pleased to provide a full spectrum of services to employers, owner-operators, and individuals, including background screening, fingerprinting, DNA testing, a DOT consortium program, custom compliance solutions, and of course, drug and alcohol testing.


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AZC Drug Testing looks forward to working with you to help you protect your business by staying in full compliance with all drug testing regulations. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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