Background Screening Options You May Not Know About

As an employer, performing background checks on potential employees provides you with important information about past employment and conduct. During the application process, there are a variety of background screening options available to you. Keep reading to discover a few of the background screening options Oschmann Employee Screening Services can offer employers in Tucson.

Social Security Number Trace

An individual’s Social Security number is a unique identifier used to track Social Security benefits. All U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents are issued a Social Security number. A Social Security number trace can be used to provide you with any current and past addresses, names, and employers associated with job applicants. Furthermore, this trace will verify whether the applicant’s Social Security number matches the location and date they claim it was issued.

Motor Vehicle Report

Obtaining a motor vehicle report will provide you with information about an applicant’s driving history for a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven years. This type of background check is important if employees will be handling company vehicles. A motor vehicle report lists all driving records and driving licenses issued to an individual, including Commercial Driver’s Licenses. This report also contains a list of any driving infractions, ranging from minor incidents to DUI charges.

Nationwide Wants and Warrants Search

Performing a nationwide wants and warrants search will return information about any currently outstanding extraditable warrants issued for the arrest of an individual. This search will return results for warrants issued anywhere in the U.S., as well as information about the reason for the warrant’s issue and its date. The database for this search includes sources such as the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshall Service, and city, county, and state law enforcement departments.

Oschmann Employee Screening Services is here to help you manage background screening and drug testing in Arizona. We invite you to learn more about our screening services on the web, or contact us today at (520) 745-1029 or (800) 224-8532 to schedule screening or drug testing services in Tucson for your company.



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