DNA Testing 101

DNA testing is an accurate method of confirming an individual’s identity. Every individual is unique; however, each person’s DNA contains inherited information from his biological mother and father. Thus, DNA testing allows for confirmation of paternity or identity for any number of reasons.

How DNA Testing Works

DNA testing is a comparison of DNA samples from a known individual and an individual whose identity must be confirmed. During this comparison, similarities are sought to determine whether the two individuals are related. DNA testing compares the DNA of both individuals in several locations to confirm or deny a valid match. Thus, DNA testing requires samples of DNA from both parties in the form of cells; these cells can come from blood, skin, saliva, semen, or hair. The results of a DNA fingerprinting test performed by an accredited facility are recognizable in courts across the country for any legal purpose.

Benefits of DNA Testing

DNA testing is a non-invasive and conclusive test used to confirm identity or familial ties. This type of testing is frequently used in criminal investigations, but it is often used to determine paternity or other family relationships as well. Individuals who are adopted can use DNA testing to confirm blood relatives, while twins can use DNA testing to determine whether they are fraternal or identical in nature. Through identity confirmation, DNA testing allows individuals to determine whether they may be at risk for inherited diseases or conditions and take preemptive steps for better health. DNA testing can be used for other healthcare purposes as well, allowing physicians to provide more targeted therapies for serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

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