Understanding the Reasons for Employee Drug Testing

According to local, state and federal laws, private employers can implement workplace drug-testing policies. In fact, federal agencies sometimes assist employers in implementing such policies to ensure a drug-free work environment. If an employer is interested in drug testing in Arizona, he or she should draft a written policy that educates employees on the requirements for maintaining employment with the organization.


For most employers, ensuring workplace safety is the major reason for implementing an employee drug-testing program. When an organization requires its employees to operate heavy machinery, work with consumers, or do manual labor, it needs to ensure the safety of everyone involved. By drug testing job candidates and random drug testing current employees, employers can help protect the general public’s safety. Employee drug testing also enhances consumer confidence that employees are working coherently.


State and federal regulations actually require drug testing in certain work environments. For example, the United States Department of Transportation requires drug testing for employees working in transportation industries. Other work industries that may require drug testing include health care and education. However, each state is responsible for regulations in these industries. Even if drug testing isn’t required in a certain industry, some organizations administer drug testing to illustrate their integrity. Drug testing ensures the public that they can rely on their employee’s performance and professionalism.

Worker’s compensation

In some states, employers who comply with drug testing regulations can receive discounts and additional workers’ compensation benefits. Several health care insurance providers also grant group benefit discounts when employers have workplace drug testing policies. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of the benefit programs. Additionally, at least 30 states have laws making employees who violate workplace drug policies ineligible for unemployment compensation.

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