Driver Qualification File Management

Safe and Secure Driver Qualification File Management Services

If you’re an HR professional at a motor carrier, you already know how frustrating it can be to maintain your driver qualification files. Each qualification file needs to meet certain requirements, and it needs to be updated regularly. This can be a hassle, and retrieving needed documents can be time-consuming. At AZC Drug Testing, we take a full-service approach to DOT-regulated workplace compliance programs. Opt for our driver qualification file management services, and never worry about unfavorable audit results again.
Electronic Driver Qualification File System

An Overview of Driver Qualification File Requirements

All motor carriers, regardless of their size, are legally required to maintain a qualification file on each of their drivers. Each qualification file must include certain documents, including, but not limited to the following:
Motor carriers are required to retain each driver’s qualification file for the duration of that driver’s employment and for at least three years thereafter.

Our Full-Service Approach to Driver Qualification File Management

We provide all of the driver qualification file management services you need to easily meet DOT and FMCSA requirements. Our electronic file management system offers robust capabilities that are flexible enough to accommodate any company, yet intuitive and simple to use. Work with AZC Drug Testing today and enjoy the following benefits of using our driver qualification file management services.


We know security is always a concern with electronic files. You can rest assured we have integrated the most rigorous level of electronic security, protecting against both unauthorized intrusions and unintentional data loss.


Our electronic driver qualification file management system offers complete accessibility. Thanks to our cloud storage, you can log in to view and retrieve files from anywhere, without concerns about compromising confidentiality.


Our system provides for all of the necessary documents that the DOT and FMCSA requires for drivers employed by motor carriers. However, we know that companies sometimes need to keep additional personnel files handy. You can customize your platform to add document types as needed, without incurring additional expenses or needing custom programming.

Data Integrity

Never worry that someone—unauthorized or otherwise—will compromise the integrity of the data in your qualification files. Our system automatically tracks each change, including additions and deletions. Notifications of changes can be automatically sent to a designated contact at your company.


Busy HR professionals often dread receiving audit notifications because this typically means working overtime trying to manage the necessary documentation. With our electronic driver qualification file management system, you’ll have everything you need in one place.
Our driver qualification file management system is among the most robust you’ll find anywhere. We’ve even added extra features for your convenience, such as our tracking capabilities. When you need to obtain information about a driver from their previous employer, you can use this feature to keep track of all of your attempts to obtain the necessary information. (This also provides verified documentation of these attempts, should that be needed.) In addition, we invite you to make use of our standardized forms and letters, online calendar, and notification alerts to make your workflow seamless.
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Make the Switch to Easier Qualification File Management Today

Enjoy stress-free driver qualification file management when you partner with AZC Drug Testing. Based in Arizona, we offer national DOT compliance services, including nationwide drug and alcohol testing and rapid, secure results reporting. Contact us today to learn how we can support your company.

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