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How Does FAA Screening Work?

Employees in the aviation industry, including pilots, airplane manufacturers, air traffic controllers, and those working at repair facilities are subject to drug and alcohol testing

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TSA Pre-Check Tips

Thanks to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) program PreCheck, travelers who qualify are no longer subjected to many of the time consuming restraints that are

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Essential Resources for Your Compliance Drug Testing Needs

Whether you’re the HR manager at a major corporation or a sole proprietor owner-operator who just wants hassle-free compliance drug testing services, you can benefit from staying on top of the latest changes in the industry. All organizations that are affected by the Department of Transportation (DOT)’s regulations and the regulations of its modes need to stay informed about matters that can affect them.

Here, AZC Drug Testing has compiled the changes in relevant legislation that may affect your compliance drug testing program, including changes to drug and alcohol testing consortiums. You can also stay on top of the latest announcements from our collection sites in Tucson, Phoenix, and throughout Arizona. If you have questions about how changes in legislation or collection site services may affect you, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable staff members for further information.

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