How Does FAA Screening Work?

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Employees in the aviation industry, including pilots, airplane manufacturers, air traffic controllers, and those working at repair facilities are subject to drug and alcohol testing through the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. FAA drug testing is required to ensure the safety of travelers and the general public, and it is strictly implemented and regulated. To comply with FAA regulations employees must be screened upon hiring and following any workplace accidents, as well as at random throughout the year. Keep reading for a little more on how FAA screening works to keep the aviation industry safe.

Random Employee Selection

Random tests take place periodically, wherein 25% of employees will be screened for drugs and 10% for alcohol. If your company has a small number of regulated employees, you may join a drug testing consortium in which employees from multiple companies are pooled to make the random selection, which will eliminate unfairly high rates of testing and overuse of resources for smaller businesses.

Specific Testing Requirements

Screening must take place within certified collection facilities and SAMHSA certified laboratories. In order to maintain a compliant testing policy, you may need to provide supervisor training as well, which will include reasonable suspicion training to identify employees who are under the influence on the job.

Third-Party Supervision  

Businesses cannot take on FAA testing alone. They need the services of a third party testing company that will remain compliant with all FAA regulations and provide the timely, affordable services necessary to maintain a safe workplace.


At Oschmann Employee Screening Services, we are proud to offer FAA screening services, that are compliant with DOT regulations, with a nationwide network of certified collection and testing facilities. We can also provide workplace training for supervisors and employees, so that you can hold your team to the highest standards of safety and excellence. Learn more by calling us today at (800) 224-8532.

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