What to Expect in a Background Screening Report

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Everyone has a past, but there are some incidents in the past that can affect an individual’s future employment qualifications. Because you cannot rely on every applicant to provide a complete and honest history of his or her driving record and any previous criminal conviction, you might perform background checks upon conditional job offers. In a background screening report, you will be provided with valuable information to guide your hiring decision, including:

Driving Record
Any industry that follows DOT regulations will need to screen applicants for any driving infractions and commercial license status. A motor vehicle report can be included in a background screening to show you seven years of an individual’s driving history, including any DUI convictions.

County, State, and Federal Criminal Convictions and Warrants
After verifying an applicant’s social security number, a background screening of any criminal activity will take place with a national search for federal crimes and warrants as well as localized convictions at the county and state level, though local criminal searches will be limited to areas where the individual would be most likely to get convicted, such as counties of prior and current residency and surrounding areas.

Sex Offender Registration
If an applicant has ever registered as a sex offender, this will show up on a background check. Though this may not disqualify an individual from every professional opportunity, it will prohibit someone from working in any environment where they may regularly encounter minors, such as bus driving.

Workers Compensation Claims
Searching previous workers compensation claims is essential for verifying that an individual is physically capable of performing job duties. A previous claim may not rule someone out, but it can be telling of injuries that might stop someone from fully meeting the requirements of a given position.

When you need to know about where your potential employees have been prior to applying to your company, you can count on Oschmann Employee Screening Services. We offer nationwide service with background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and more, so reach out to us at (800) 224-8532 to learn how we can help your company.

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