What the Law Allows For in Employee Background Checks

Hiring the wrong employees for your company can lower your team’s morale, hinder productivity, and even impact your customer relations. In fact, the cost of replacing an experienced worker who doesn’t work out can cost you 50 percent more of that individual’s salary. One way to ensure you make an informed hiring decision is by using background checks to screen for quality employees.

Reasons to conduct background check

A pre-employment background check will save you money in the long run and also help you protect your business. If your employees come into direct contact with customers and cause customer harm, then your business can be liable if the employee has a criminal record. Additionally, conducting a background check will provide insight into the person’s behavior, character and integrity.

Types of background checks

You can utilize a variety of background checks to build a potential employee’s profile. However, not every background check is available or appropriate for every company. Additionally, state law dictates how you can use the information gleaned from a background check in making hiring decisions. Checking an individual’s background always requires consent. Many states limit the use of credit checks to specific job functions that your applicant will be performing for you.  The most common background screening includes Federal and local criminal background checks, past employer references, educational and professional licensing verifications, Social Security number checks, and sex offender registry checks.

Initial background work

Before consulting with a professional agency, you should verify the employee’s resume by calling the university listed to check for a diploma or calling past employers. A quick web search can also help you round out the potential employee, as it will reveal his or her interests and achievements. Once you conduct this initial screening, you can outsource your screening services to a professional. A professional agency will help ensure you comply with state law when running background checks for your business needs.

At Oschmann Employee Screening Services, our goal is to minimize our clients’ risk through smart, streamlined business solutions. We will work with you to develop and implement professional and cost-effective programs that will help you meet your safety and business objectives. For more information about drug testing in Arizona, call (520) 745-1029.

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