A Look at the Drug Abatement Division of the FAA

Both the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) maintain strict drug and alcohol restrictions for employees. These restrictions exist not only to protect workers, but to promote the safety of passengers as well. The Drug Abatement Division of the FAA is tasked with development, implementation, and monitoring of drug testing programs, as well as enforcement of testing regulations to ensure all operators and facilities remain compliant.

Drug Abatement Division Duties

The Drug Abatement Division exists not only to enforce drug and alcohol testing regulations, but to develop better policies and testing implementation for safer workplaces and passenger transport as well. Furthermore, the Drug Abatement Division exists to assist all carriers within its jurisdiction with the creation and implementation of a drug testing program. Compliant drug testing programs should include actions such as pre-employment testing, random on-the-job testing, and a regulated return-to-duty process for employees that test positive for drugs or alcohol.

Drug Abatement Division Jurisdiction

The FAA’s Drug Abatement Division is responsible for enforcing drug testing regulations in a variety of settings. This division holds jurisdiction over drug testing development and implementation for part 119 certificate holders operating under parts 121 and 135, air tour operators as defined in 14 CFR part 91, and air traffic control facilities that are not operated by the FAA or currently under contract to the United States military. The Drug Abatement Division also holds jurisdiction over part 145 certificate holders and contractors that have opted to implement their own alcohol and drug testing program.

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