How Drug Testing May Become Part of a Divorce Hearing

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In some cases, divorce is a simple process. More often, however, there are complicating factors that can make it difficult to settle a separation amicably, especially when child custody and potential spousal support payments are on the line. It may be necessary to call in outside help when working through divorce proceedings, and this can include drug testing. This article will offer a look at situations where certified drug screening results may need to be presented to a judge or mediator who will rule on the divorce settlement.

A parent seeking custody has a history of drug use.

When determining which parent will be awarded custody of children in a divorce, the court will consider which household will be the safest, most nurturing environment for a child. If a parent has a history of drug use, it may be necessary to prove that the parent is clean and sober with a certified drug test. A drug test may also be requested by a parent seeking custody if he or she has reason to believe that the other parent is using drugs.

Drug use is cited as a reason for separation.

Drug use can be the cause for a divorce, which would put fault on the individual struggling with substance abuse. In this case, it may be necessary to prove drug use with a drug test, which may assist in building a case for spousal support for one party or eliminating the responsibility of support in other cases.

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