Answering Your Questions About Paternity Testing

Lab technician holding a test tube performing a paternity test

Did you know that DNA testing is the most widely accepted method for determining someone’s identity in both scientific and legal communities? This type of testing is also referred to as paternity testing because it is designed to establish fatherhood. If you have questions about paternity testing, keep reading to find the answers:

Can a paternity test be administered before birth?
It is possible to establish fatherhood even before a baby is born, thanks to prenatal paternity testing. This method of testing is safe for both the mother and the baby, allowing fatherhood to be determined while the baby is still growing.

Can a paternity test be administered when the father is unavailable?
If the man who is believed to be the father is missing, deceased, or otherwise unavailable, then there are other testing options that can help determine fatherhood. These testing options include sibling tests, grandparent tests, and family reconstructions.

Who can be helped by paternity testing?
This type of testing is most commonly used to assist parents who want to establish fatherhood for custody, visitation, citizenship or child support reasons, but it can also help other types of people. Adoptees who want to learn about their biological parents can get started with DNA testing. Twins can also turn to this type of testing if they want to determine whether they are identical or fraternal.

Why should I choose Oschmann Employee Screening Services for paternity testing?
We work with an Accredited DNA laboratory through the American Association of Blood Banks to make sure our lab is up to standards to provide totally accuracy. Our testing process is completely professional and confidential, and you can expect to get your results in 1 to 2 business days.

Oschmann Employee Screening Services can answer any other questions you might have about the paternity testing process. Call us at (800) 224-8532 for more information about our DNA and paternity testing services. Oschmann Employee Screening Services is a national provider of drug & alcohol testing and employee background check services with offices in Tucson, AZ and Phoenix, AZ.

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