Alcohol Recovery Programs to Explore for Your Workplace

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Alcohol is a dangerous addition to any workplace, which is why many employers will implement drug and alcohol screening programs to ensure that employees are sober and ready to work. Unfortunately, alcohol is an addictive substance, and an employee who has developed a dependency to alcohol may not be able to control their drinking habits, causing an interference in the work environment. To curb alcohol use among your employees and promote a positive, healthy culture, you should consider including alcohol recovery programs in your drug free workplace program. Here’s a closer look at the types of programs you might consider:

Alcohol Education
It is said that prevention is the best cure, and this philosophy can extend to drug and alcohol addiction. By providing comprehensive alcohol education to employees, you can make everyone on staff aware of the dangers of drinking on the job and provide a look at the resources available for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

Employee Wellness
You can extend prevention a step further with a comprehensive wellness program that not only promotes avoiding drugs and alcohol, but that also encourages a sensible diet, healthy physical activity, and stress management. These types of programs can not only reduce instances of intoxication in the workplace, but they can also boost employee morale and reduce claims against company provided health insurance.

Peer-Assistance Programs
In some professions, peer assistance programs have been successful, particularly when peer intervention occurs at the early signs of alcohol abuse. Within these programs, individuals may find help from those whom they work with, often beginning with an intervention organized by a psychiatric professional.

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