What It Means to Have a Drug-Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace Programs increase the overall safety of employees, so most workers tend to support implementation of such a program. In addition, creating a Drug Free Workplace Program helps reduce the safety risks and potential cost increases to employers by mitigating how an employee’s personal activities affect his or her work performance. A company qualifies as a Drug Free Workplace when it implements a drug free policy, employee education, supervisor training, drug testing, and an employee assistance program.

Increased productivity

A Drug Free Workplace Program is a valuable company asset as it helps increase employee productivity. Research shows that employees who suffer from substance abuse issues are less likely to be productive, as they tend to show sluggish physical or mental activity. In addition, employees with substance abuse problems will require more breaks, sick days and are more likely to be late for work.

Decreased employee turnover

An employee who suffers from substance abuse issues is less stable than other employees, so he or she is less likely to stay with the company for a long period of time. This costs the company as it must recruit and train a new employee while enduring decreased productivity during the training periods.

Safer work environment

Compared to other employees, an employee with substance abuse issues carries a greater risk of suffering an on the job injury. This eventually increases company health insurance rates and Workers’ Compensation Rates. Alternatively, companies with fewer on the job injuries can obtain reduced health insurance costs and rates for its other employees.

Quality employee hires

Implementing a Drug Free Workplace Program helps screen out job applicants with substance abuse issues, which saves time and resources in the hiring process. In fact, people with substance abuse issues are less likely to apply for a position with a company that has a known Drug Free Workplace Program.

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