Reasons to Screen Future Employees

Incorporating background screening as part of the hiring process is an effective way for employers to maintain a productive workforce. With more and more applicants competing for jobs, employers need a way to ensure they are only hiring the best employees available. Background screenings provide information on a potential employee’s criminal record, resume accuracy and drug and alcohol use.

Motor vehicle report

If a future employee is going to be driving a company vehicle or driving his or her own vehicle for company purposes, then it’s important to check his or her driving record. The motor vehicle report shows commercial driving license status for at least three years and shows all driving infractions, including DUIs.

Criminal background search

Searching the county criminal record can help determine whether or not a job applicant has a criminal history. Law enforcement officials report all charges, including arrests, felonies, and misdemeanors at the county level. An employment screening service can check every county where the applicant may have criminal history information filed. Screening agencies can also conduct statewide searches to supplement the records search with the county.

Sex offender registry

The court system requires those convicted of certain sexual offenses to notify local law enforcement of the charges. This information is located in the sex offender registry, which reflects current reported addresses.

Social Security number trace

The first way to verify that a job applicant has provided accurate information is by tracing his or her social security number. This can identify when an employee has concealed his or her previous address to hide prior criminal convictions. The Social Security trace provides the employer with a list of current and previous addresses as well as any previous names the applicant has used. A screening agency can also verify that the Social Security number provides matches his or her name, gender and birth date.

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