Reporting Suspicions of Drug Use in the Workplace

Drug or alcohol use in the workplace is a serious offense that should be addressed immediately. However, if you suspect that an employee or fellow coworker is using drugs while on the job, you will want to approach this situation with caution. Following your company’s drug protocol is essential for making sure that the appropriate action can be taken. Let’s take a look at some important advice for reporting drug use at work.

Document Suspicious Actions

In the event that you suspect a coworker of using drugs in the workplace, you will want to carefully document any suspicious actions. Erratic behavior, inappropriate comments, or failure to meet job responsibilities should all be written down with a date and time. This information will be useful when your report is being filed.

Talk to Human Resources

The human resources department at your company has special training and protocols on how to take actions when a worker is suspected of using drugs. Rather than going straight to your boss or supervisor, you may want to start by talking to a human resources representative. Your HR department will be able to advise you on the appropriate steps for reporting suspected drug use.

Consult With a Drug Testing Company

When you are worried about an employee’s drug use, you can also set up a consultation with a drug testing company that serves your local area. Your drug testing professionals can set up a drug screening date for the suspected employee, as well as other employees in the work place. A drug test that has been confirmed positive will provide you with important evidence for your report.

At Oschmann Employee Screening Services, we proudly offer accurate drug testing to companies throughout Arizona. If you are concerned about drug use in your workplace, do not hesitate to set up a screening with our drug testing technicians. For more information about how we can help you combat drug abuse at your place of work, give us a call at (800) 224-8532.

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