Reasons to Schedule Employee Drug Testing

Are you considering drug testing for your employees? This process is useful in many different industries, ensuring that employees are following company standards to provide the best products and services possible. Scheduling a drug test can be helpful to both management and employees by maintaining a safe environment. Reasons to schedule employee drug testing in your workplace include:

Enforcing Company Drug Policies

Many companies have drug policies that are clearly outlined in employee hiring paperwork. This ensures that new employees are aware of the company’s stance on drug use as well as their chance of getting drug tested in the future. Scheduling drug testing allows you to enforce your company’s drug policies by checking employee drug use regularly.

Maintaining a Safe Working Environment

Drug use can have many consequences for employees and the company as a whole. One of the biggest concerns regarding employee drug use is the danger it poses to all employees in the workplace. Drug testing lets you know that your employees are not using any illegal substances that would result in a dangerous working environment.

Protecting Your Customers

While employee drug use is dangerous to the company, it also poses many dangers for the company’s customers. If employees are under the influence while on the clock, they are more likely to suffer from errors when delivering products and services. This can result in customers missing out on products or even suffering health concerns, depending on the industry.

Keeping Employees Motivated

Enforcing rules is important for creating boundaries and keeping employees motivated. Employees may not do their best when they see that rules are not enforced. Scheduling employee drug testing shows your team that you take the rules seriously. This will motivate employees to follow the rules and provide the best for the company during every working day.

If you want to learn more about scheduling drug testing for your employees, contact Oschmann Employee Screening Services of Tucson. We provide drug and alcohol testing for many different Arizona businesses. Call us at (520) 745-1029 for more information.

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