An Overview of Oschmann’s DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

If your Tucson business needs to comply with drug and alcohol testing standards set by the Department of Transportation, Oschmann Employee Screening Services can help. Read on to discover how our drug and alcohol testing services can help your company meet regulations.

Company Drug and Alcohol Policy and Employee Training Packet

The DOT requires that regulated mode employees receive training in the company’s drug and alcohol policy as well as an understanding of the company’s drug and alcohol testing plan. Oschmann’s can work with your company to develop an appropriate drug and alcohol policy to include in your employee training packet. Both the policy and packet will be customized to meet the specific needs of your industry and company.

Drug and Alcohol Consortiums

Oschmann’s makes it easy for companies to keep their employees in a random drug testing pool with our drug and alcohol consortiums. This service refers to groups of employees from multiple companies that are placed into one large random pool for drug testing. Oschmann’s randomly selects individuals for drug and alcohol testing, helping all companies keep employees aware of their drug and alcohol policies.

Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Misuse Training for Supervisors

As per DOT regulation, supervisors must undergo training to learn how to spot symptoms of drug and alcohol use in employees. Supervisors must have at least two hours of training in this area to ensure that they meet the standards set by the DOT. Oschmann’s provides training for supervisors, ensuring that companies can meet the rules and regulations.

Consulting Service and Referrals

If you are unsure of what steps to take for your employee drug testing policy, contact Oschmann’s to start a conversation. We offer consulting services and referrals, making it easy to learn about our other services and whether or not they are right for your employees.

Oschmann Employee Screening Services can help you understand DOT regulations regarding drug testing for employees. Contact us at (520) 745-1029 to learn more about our drug and alcohol testing services.

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