Learn the Pros and Cons of Different Drug Test Collection Types

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Drug testing helps ensure that your team operates at optimal efficiency, but there are different ways to go about it. Breath alcohol, urine, and alcohol testing are all possible methods of screening your employees. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of different drugs collection types.

Breath Alcohol

When a cop sees someone driving erratically and pulls them over, there are a few ways he or she can go about handling the situation. There are field sobriety tests, and then there is the breathalyzer. A breathalyzer test will give you a reading of a person’s BAC, or blood alcohol content. Anything above a .08% can be considered a DUI. Although this test provides immediate results, it isn’t always accurate. Foods like poppy seed bagels can throw off the reading, and even using mouthwash can affect the results.


A urine test is a common way of screening applicants for drug use before making a hire. While the results can be reliable when the process is done right, there are a few ways that people can cheat the system. This is especially true when they aren’t monitored as they take the test. An applicant can bring synthetic urine or borrowed urine to use as their own, allowing them to pass the drug test even though they aren’t clean.

Hair Follicle

One of the less frequent forms of drug testing is hair follicle testing. Drugs can be detected in your hair after they are out of your system. It can, however, be difficult to tell if the person in question has used any of those drugs recently. Therefore, it helps to use multiple types of drug collection strategies.


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