FAQs About FAA Drug Testing

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You would never get onto a plane if you knew the pilot was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which is one reason FAA drug testing is so important. Yet, most people could still stand to learn about why testing is so important, how to choose the right members for the team, and when to test again. Continue for some FAQs about FAA drug testing.

Why is FAA drug testing important?

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that airlines drug test their employees. This helps keep pilots, passengers, and other staff members safe. Driving under the influence is dangerous, and flying a plane under the influence has the potential to be more catastrophic.

How do I hire the right people?

Your operation can only succeed if you have the right people backing it, and you can choose the right people with the help of drug testing. When you follow the FAA regulations, you can make sure you hire competent and promising individuals. This gives your business a better name and makes your customers feel more satisfied and comfortable.

Do I need to test after accidents?

It makes a lot of sense to drug test your applicants before you make a new hire. This ensures that the people you hire are trustworthy and of sound mind. However, some people stop using drugs just long enough to pass a drug test and gain employment, and then they go back to using. If an accident happens in the workplace, you can test the employees involved to find out if drug use played a role.


If you still have any questions about FAA drug testing, you can always contact the team at Oschmann Employee Screening Services. Drug testing in Arizona is our forte, and it’s our job to make sure everyone on your staff is at the best of his or her abilities. Call us at (800) 224-8532 or look at our website to gain some insight on what we do.

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