Learn How the FAA Keeps Our Skies Safe

FAA Employee Screening Services

When you fly on a commercial airplane, your trip will be regulated by the FAA in many ways. The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, is the branch of the Department of Transportation that is in charge of aviation safety. From drug testing to airport management and more, the FAA is in charge of many programs that help to protect civilians when they fly. Here is a look inside how the FAA keeps our skies safe.

Perform Airspace Management

At any airport around the country, dozens of airplanes will be taking off and landing every hour. One of the key jobs of the FAA is to make sure that airport towers and air traffic routes keep these planes safe as they take off, land, and travel to their destinations. In fact, the FAA has developed all of the flying routes that are in our country’s airspace.

Install Air Navigation Facilities

Accurate navigation is key for any airline pilot. The FAA helps pilots navigate the airways by building and maintaining air navigation facilities at all major airports. Some common features in all air navigation facilities include communication tools, computers, visual displays, and air traffic control technology. In order to preserve the safety of all airplanes, these navigation facilities require frequent upkeep and maintenance.

Conduct Drug Testing

The FAA is also in charge of implementing a drug testing program for all airline personnel. In 1991, the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act mandated that all aviation professionals receive routine drug testing from the FAA. Routine drug testing ensures that pilots and other professionals comply with federal drug use policies and restrictions.
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