How Drug Screening Protects Your Business

Regardless of the industry that your business serves, promoting a drug-free workplace with pre-employment screening can offer a strong sense of security and employee trust. Even if federal or state laws do not mandate drug testing for your industry, you might consider drug screening as part of your hiring policies, since screening can have the following benefits in protecting your business.

Employee safety

A drug-free workplace is a safe workplace, so you might ensure a sober workforce with drug screening as a condition of employment. This is particularly important if employees will be operating heavy machinery or working with potentially dangerous equipment that could lead to serious workplace injuries. Drug screening might also help you hire more reliable employees who will show up on time and stay focused on the job.

Liability protection

If employees do suffer injuries on the job as the result of drug or alcohol use, drug screening will be an integral step in eliminating your liability for the incident. A positive drug or alcohol screen may invalidate a worker’s compensation claim on part of an employee, saving you from the cost of compensating or rehiring an injured employee when drug use is a factor in the injury. The ability to deny a worker’s compensation claim will vary from state to state. Please refer to your own state’s worker’s compensation regulations.

Positive company reputation

For businesses that offer in-home service or specialized technical services, a company drug screening policy can instill consumer trust and give your company a more positive reputation. Furthermore, drug screening may promote fairer hiring practices, which can also reflect positively on your business.

If you are seeking drug and alcohol testing for your Southern Arizona business, contact Oschmann Employee Screening Services at (520) 745-1029. We are a DATIA Accredited Collection Facility offering a wide range of services with nearly 2 decades of experience, including DOT compliance, drug and alcohol screening, and background checks for businesses of all sizes.


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