Answering Common Questions About DOT Motor Carrier Drug and Alcohol Screening

Motor carrier pre-employment physicals and drug screenings are an integral component of public safety, as these measures ensure the safety and awareness of commercial drivers on the road. When you are hiring employees who must carry commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs), you will want to seek employee screening services with DOT compliance to ensure the safety of your drivers and fulfillment of state and federal employment requirements. Below you can see the answers to some frequently asked questions related to DOT drug and alcohol screening for commercial drivers.

Who needs to undergo DOT motor carrier screening?

Individuals who are employed as CDL licensed commercial drivers, interstate motor carriers, or drivers for government, civic, or faith-based organizations will need to undergo DOT drug and alcohol screening prior to hiring. DOT screenings may also take place when there is reasonable suspicion of a driver’s drug or alcohol use, after a DOT accident, or at random.

What are employer responsibilities in screening?

Employers must implement and conduct drug and alcohol testing programs, which may mean offering resources for drivers, conducting random drug testing, and including guidelines within company policies. Self-employed individuals must meet testing requirements for both drivers and employers in order to follow DOT compliance.

Can drivers return to work following a positive screening?

If an employee has tested positive or refused a DOT drug and/or alcohol screen, he or she must undergo the return-to-duty process with a substance abuse professional prior to being eligible to return to a DOT safety-sensitive position. Following this process, another screening will be mandated to return to work. Refusal to take a DOT screening test will also require completion of the return-to-duty process as outlined by the FMCSA. Employers are under no obligation to re-employ the driver who has completed the return-to-duty process.

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