Tips for Establishing a Drug-Free Work Culture

A drug-free workplace is a positive environment that encourages communication, responsibility, respect, and support. Establishing a drug-free work culture can be a valuable component of any workplace drug and alcohol policy. Keep reading for a few helpful tips on how to establish a drug-free culture at work that helps your business save money, reduce accidents and injuries, and promote positive problem-solving for a healthier workplace.

Create a Clear Written Policy

A drug-free workplace starts with a clear and accessible drug and alcohol policy. The tone of your policy and its extent will in large part define your workplace drug program by outlining the expectations placed on employees, drug testing frequency and requirements, and the actions to be taken when a violation occurs. Providing this information to all employees in a transparent and easily-accessible way will not only spread knowledge of your workplace policies, but encourage peer support and enforcement as well.

Provide Education and Training

In the vast majority of cases, it falls to employees and supervisors to identify the signs of a drug or alcohol problem in a coworker. Handling a drug or alcohol concern properly not only reflects well on your company, but also creates the positive atmosphere of support you want to encourage in your drug-free workplace culture. Providing education and training for employees reduces the risks of false accusations and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome by teaching employees how to properly handle their concerns, as well as the importance of respect and support during treatment and rehabilitation.

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