Tips to Creating an Open and Friendly Work Environment

If you want your team to be productive and efficient, it’s a good idea to cultivate a welcoming environment in the workplace. Although there are a few ways you can do this, it starts with drug testing in Arizona. Then you can think about the layout of your furniture as well as the way employees at different levels interact with each other. Here are a few tips to creating an open and friendly work environment.

Substance Abuse Training

To make sure everyone in the office is happy and healthy, you should know how to tell if someone is on drugs. Alcohol, marijuana, and amphetamines can all slow your team down and hinder the office’s productivity, so you should be able to recognize the problem. Routine drug testing ensures that your workers stay clean and healthy, ready to put their best foot forward each day.

Furniture Layout

The layout of your furniture might not seem like something that can have a real impact on your work environment, but it can play a serious role when it comes to your workers’ attitudes. Many modern workplaces are experimenting with open office plans that emphasize cooperation, which can be especially helpful for extroverts. If you’re looking to open up your work environment, consider your layout.

Communication and Suggestions

The administration makes the decisions, but the team that enforces them should be able to weigh in on them. This is why you should cultivate an environment that supports communication between tiers of workers. Employees will also feel more appreciated and respected if they know people are listening to their ideas.

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