The Purpose of Drug Free Workplace Regulations

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Running a business is a tough job. Whether you own a small business or you work in a larger corporation, there are many factors that can contribute to your success or your struggles. In addition to providing your customers with a superior product or service, you need to have a reliable team of employees working for you. Depending on the type of workplace you operate in, you may consider instituting drug testing policies. Drug-free workplace regulations exist for the benefit and safety of employees, customers, and management. Read on to learn more about the various purposes of drug free workplace regulations.

Health and Safety

According to recent studies, the numbers show that roughly 77 percent of illegal drug users hold either full-time or part-time jobs. Alcohol use could make that number rise even higher. If employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job, it poses a safety risk to those around them as well as the drug user himself. This is especially true in the cases of businesses that require employees to operate machinery or drive vehicles. Just one employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work could put everyone else in danger. That’s one of the reasons why drug free workplace regulations are so essential.


A sober, alert workforce is a more productive workforce. If drugs and alcohol are added to the mix, it can affect how productive your employees are. When productivity is interfered with, that can in turn lead to smaller profits and a negative reputation among customers as well as vendors. Medical claims expenses could also go up as a consequence of drugs and alcohol at work, which will further affect your bottom line. Many employers find that instituting drug testing helps to keep employees more productive as well as safer and healthier.

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