The Benefits Of A Drug-Free Workplace

Both the business and employees will benefit from maintaining a drug-free environment. Drugs are very harmful. Employees who use drugs are more prone to violet behavior. Therefore, a drug-free environment is a lot safer. As an employer, one of the main responsibilities that you have is to keep the working environment safe at all times.

Employees who use drugs are more likely to have accidents while on the job. This can cause the business to lose a lot of money. In many cases, businesses are forced to pay for healthcare expenses when one of their employees gets hurt on the job.

Employees who use drugs are also more likely to miss days at work. Drugs can have a negative impact on one’s health, which is why employees who use drugs have to take more sick days. They may also miss work because they are spending time feeding their addiction.

Employee absenteeism can be a costly problem. Employee absenteeism costs $3,600 per year for every hourly person. It costs around $2,650 per year for every salaried person. That is why your business will be able to save money by maintaining a drug-free environment.

Reduced health insurance premiums is another benefit that can be reaped by maintaining a drug-free environment. Health insurance companies typically charge more for high-risk employees. This is another way that maintaining a drug-free environment can help your business save a lot of money.

The only way that you can ensure that your work environment is drug-free is to test your employees on a regular basis. Make sure that you order drug tests at random because some people will skip work if they know that they will be tested. Oschmann Employee Screening Services of Tucson is here to help you make your business and workplace as safe and reliable as they can be. Call us at (520) 745-1029 to learn more about drug and alcohol testing for your workplace.

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