Improve Company Standards with These Trainings

supervisors reasonable suspicion training and designated employer representative training

There are many ways to improve your company and its standards. You can implement rules and trainings, such as substance abuse training and motor carrier compliance trainings. These are important to maintain your company’s integrity and your employees’ knowledge. Continue reading to see how these trainings will improve your company.

Substance Abuse Training

One employee’s substance abuse can have a major impact on the rest of your employees and affect the integrity of your company. Providing your managers and employees with trainings on recognizing and addressing substance abuse can help prevent these damaging side effects. If your managers are responsible for ordering Reasonable Cause Drug or Alcohol tests, then they must have substance abuse training. You can also provide your employees with training on the most commonly abused drugs and their side effects. These trainings can prevent damage to your employees and your company.

Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Breath Alcohol Technician, or BAT, training may be necessary for your company’s Department of Transportation standards. This training will provide testing procedures, equipment usage, and a certification of passing to comply with the required regulations.

Motor Carrier Compliance Training

There are multiple tests that require certain motor carrier compliance trainings. Load securement, vehicle inspections, and hazmat training are just a few necessary compliances that your employees may need. You can trust a professional employee training service to deliver the correct and updated information for your employees and company to be in compliance.

Certified Professional Collector Training

If your company offers urine specimen collection for drug testing, then the employees conducting the tests must be trained and certified. Your employees will receive all the necessary training for handling the specimen and maintaining the donor’s confidentiality. The employees will also receive training on mock collections, which is required by the Department of Transportation.

Oschmann Employee Screening Services provides a multitude of trainings, background checks, and testing services. We can help you elevate your company’s standards with all of our trainings and services. Please call us at (800) 224-8532 to learn more.


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