How On Site Drug Testing Can Help Your Business

Employee testing is a vital component of an employer-sponsored drug and alcohol program. However, off site testing can take time out of your employees’ schedules that may impact productivity and workflow. Rather than allowing drug and alcohol testing to become a hindrance, on site drug testing options allow for faster, more efficient, and more convenient employee drug and alcohol tests.

Faster and More Convenient

Off Site drug testing can impact your employees’ performance in many ways. Asking employees to take the time to travel to an offsite facility can interrupt workflow and affect meeting schedules, ultimately impacting short-term productivity. Because employees must physically travel to the testing site, they may also tie up the use of company vehicles or incur added costs for fuel. Onsite drug and alcohol testing eliminates these factors by streamlining the employee testing process. Mobile drug testing brings the test site to your location, making it much faster and less disruptive for employees to undergo screening.

Low Risk for Tampering

Although it is difficult to tamper with or change the outcome of professional drug and alcohol testing, off site drug testing always carries some risk of tampering. When employees must schedule a trip for drug testing into their schedule, they may be able to take steps to alter the outcome of their test beforehand or even while in route to the testing site. Onsite drug testing eliminates travel time and makes it much more difficult for employees to tamper with their results, delivering not only faster test outcomes, but more accurate results as well.

Oschmann Employee Screening Services is pleased to offer 24-hour on-call mobile drug testing service throughout southern Arizona. You can find out more about this service or book drug and alcohol testing on our website; if you have further questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you manage your drug and alcohol policy, please call (520) 745-1029 or toll-free at (800) 224-8532.


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