Getting Help with DOT Compliance Issues

Anyone who drives or operates a motor vehicle for a living must comply with the rules set forth by the Department of Transportation. There are a few different methods that a business might use to measure this compliance, including drug testing in Arizona. Continue on if you need help with DOT compliance issues.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Jobs that involve driving, like commercial truck driving or even local delivery, require employees to be completely alert, capable, and sober at all times. Drugs and alcohol both describe addictive substances that can impair a driver’s ability to concentrate, balance, or even react within a reasonable amount of time. This is why it is of the utmost importance that the driver complies with the rules and regulations set by the Department of Transportation. Drug and alcohol testing can help employers decide if their drivers indeed comply with these rules.

If an individual fails to comply with the appropriate D.O.T. measures, it is the employer’s responsibility to remove that individual from tasks that could violate the safety of others. As an employer, you must make a list of Substance Abuse Professionals available to the offending employee. The SAP will outline a treatment or counseling program and then reevaluate the employee for compliance. Regular and random testing for drugs and alcohol should follow this offense and treatment.

Seeking Auditing Services

A professional drug and alcohol testing and employee screening company can help you take the necessary actions when an employee experiences D.O.T. compliance issues. Choose a trustworthy and experience company that is willing to work with your specific needs.

Do you need help with DOT compliance issues? Call Oschmann Employee Screening Services at (520) 745-1029. It is our mission to help companies with DOT compliance issues and offer drug testing in Arizona. Feel free to visit our website if you would like to learn more information about our business.


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