FAA: Starting a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

If you have never made your employees take drug tests, it might seem difficult to start a new program. Use the following tips to start up a thorough and effective FAA-approved drug and alcohol-testing program that you can use to screen your employees.

Partial 119 Certificate Holders

Companies that hold a part 119 certificate and have the authority to operate under parts 121 or 135 must first get an antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program Operations Specification. You can obtain one of these specs by calling your local FAA Principal Operations Inspector.

Air Tour Operator

Air tour operators must find a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to start implementing a drug and alcohol-testing program. You can find this letter at the nearest Flight Standards District Office.

A Non-FAA Air Traffic Control Center

If you run an air traffic control center that is not operated by the FAA or under a contract with the United States Military, you will first need to register with the FAA, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Drug Abatement Division in Washington, D.C. before you can start your testing program.

A Contractor Who Wants to Do His or Her Own Drug Testing

If you want to implement your own drug and alcohol-testing program, you must also register with the FAA, Office of Abatement Division in Washington, D.C. to get the permission you need to start running your program and screening your employees before they start working for you.

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