Essential Elements of a Drug-Free Workplace Program

No matter what kind of environment your business takes place in, the safety of your employees and clients should be a top priority. In order to ensure safety in the workplace, you might implement a drug-free program, which should include the following components for success.

Written Policies
A written policy will be the first step in designing a drug-free workplace. This policy should establish your business’s commitment to safety in the workplace and a better quality of life for employees. Upon hiring, employees should be given a copy of the drug-free policy and provide a signature in compliance with the guidelines you set forth.

Drug Testing Practices
In order to maintain a drug-free environment, enforcement measures must be in place. This is where third-party drug and alcohol screenings will be helpful. Screening employees upon hiring and in the event of workplace accidents can ensure that you are hiring quality workers and maintaining a clean, responsible workforce at your place of business. You might also have the benefit of workers’ comp insurance incentives with a drug-free program that includes drug testing in place.

Employee and Supervisor Training
Drug-free workplaces are not maintained solely through drug testing and policy creation. Training employees and supervisors to identify the signs of drug use and understand the risks of drug use in the workplace.

Access to Rehabilitative Assistance
Assistance for employees who are coping with addiction and substance abuse can further improve the quality of your drug-free program. By offering resources for employees, you can showcase your dedication to a healthy workplace and the wellness of your workers.

If you are looking to implement a drug-free workplace program in your Arizona business, call Oschmann Employee Screening Services at (520) 745-1029. We can design and maintain an effective program for your company with the screening services and resources that are right for your industry.


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