Designing a Drug Free Work Policy for Your Business

Running a business is a tough job. In addition to providing your customers with a superior product and outstanding service, you need to manage your employees behind the scenes. Drugs have no business being in the workplace, and it’s up to you to create a drug free work policy that is fair, reasonable, and respectful of everyone’s privacy. Some companies implement drug testing as a standard part of employment, while others use it only when they have a reason to. Read on to learn about designing a drug free work policy for your business.

State Your Goals

The best way to begin a drug free work policy is to state your goals clearly. Your employees should understand that you are implementing this policy for everyone’s benefit and safety, and not simply to police their personal choices. Discuss how a workplace that is free from drugs will protect your employees from potential accidents and injuries, and emphasize that a drug free workplace is a more pleasant place to be for everyone. You may wish to mention your expectations as an employer as a reminder that it would be nearly impossible to meet your goals if drugs were in the picture.

Define the Meaning of Drug Free

A drug free work policy must be clearly defined in order to be effectively enforced. In the next section of your policy, specify exactly what you mean by drug free. You can include the hours in which the policy is in effect, which employees are affected by the policy, and a description of how drug testing will be conducted. Make sure that you adhere to state and federal regulations so that your employees’ rights remain intact.

Discuss Consequences

There must be consequences in place for your employees to take your drug free policy seriously. Outline what will happen if drug use is suspected or confirmed, and include any methods of retesting if applicable for your business.

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