Dealing with Employee Refusals for Drug Tests

Employee drug testing is a common practice to ensure employee safety and integrity. Many companies require drug testing as part of the hiring process, while a drug test may also be ordered at random or following a questionable incident. If your business employs any type of drug testing policy, it’s important to also have a policy in place to deal with an employee refusal to submit to drug testing.

State Law and Company Policy

The best way to handle employee drug testing is to draft a clear company policy regarding drug testing, how and when it will occur, and what will happen if employees refuse a test. In most cases, companies that do not have an existing policy for drug testing and refusals must default instead to state laws regarding drug test ordering and how to deal with employee refusals. However, it’s important to note that even if you do draft a company policy, it should not conflict with any state laws regarding employee rights to refusal of drug testing in a given situation.

Reasons for Drug Testing

In addition to establishing a company policy on drug and alcohol usage, it’s important to include a clear list of reasons for ordering a drug test in your company policy. If you choose to implement a random drug testing program, outline the percentage of employees that will be tested within a given time period. You should also list the behaviors that will prompt a reactionary drug test, such as recklessness, difficulty completing daily tasks, and changes in personality. Once you have made the reasons you might order a drug test clear, you can also make clear the repercussions of refusing such a test, which is often grounds for termination.

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