Benefits of a Good Drug Free Workplace Program

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A drug free workplace is an environment in which both employees and supervisors follow policies designed to create a working environment where drug and alcohol use are discouraged. Maintaining a good drug free workplace program can help your business thrive and allow your employees to enjoy better health and safety. If you need help developing a drug free workplace program, contact Oschmann Employee Screening Services of Arizona today.

Improved Productivity

A drug free workplace is more productive workplace. Numerous studies have found a correlation between decreased productivity and the use of alcohol and drugs. Employees who continually use drugs or alcohol are more likely to be late, experience poor health, and have trouble concentrating or completing tasks at work.

Safer Workplace

A drug free workplace is also a safer workplace. Drugs and alcohol can impair both judgment and reaction times, putting your employees, your clients, and even bystanders at risk. A drug free workplace means healthier employees and fewer accidents, disagreements, and a safer overall working environment for all.

Higher-Quality Employees

A drug-free workplace program starts with the hiring process. Drug testing allows you to screen out potential problem employees who will not contribute to your program or your business before you bring them on board. This allows you to hire an overall higher quality of employee who is not concerned about passing a drug test.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Incentives

Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for your employees if they are hurt or become ill on the job. In many states, a drug free workplace program can gain you benefits in the form of insurance incentives to lower the cost or increase the benefits provided by your workers’ compensation insurance.

At Oschmann Employee Screening Services, we have the tools and knowledge to help you develop a drug free workplace in Arizona. You can learn more about our drug testing services by calling (520) 745-1029 or toll-free at (800) 224-8532. Visit our website to find additional tips and information on developing a drug free workplace on our blog.

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