A Look at Different Substance Abuse Training

supervisors reasonable suspicion training and designated employer representative training

Not all types of drug testing are the same, and undergoing one aspect of substance abuse training doesn’t necessarily make you a pro. There are different types of training programs and different roles to play, and they are all important for the process. Feel free to keep reading for a look at different types of substance abuse training.

Breath Alcohol Technician

You may have noticed that when you drink alcohol it stays on your breath, which is the reason that breathalyzers work. A Breath Alcohol Technician, or BAT, is someone who has received training regarding the proper testing procedures. This type of certification means that you have met Department of Transportation regulations and are capable of testing for alcohol in the workplace. You can undergo this training via online class or in-person seminar.

Employee Workplace Substance Abuse

The employee workplace substance abuse training program is a comprehensive course that teaches you about the effects that many different types of drugs and alcohol can have. You will learn about drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and inhalants and how long they stay in the body. Additionally, you will be provided with community resources that can help anyone who is found to be using or abusing these types of substances.

Supervisor Training

Supervisors should be able to detect the signs of drug or alcohol use in the workplace, especially in safety sensitive situations. Supervisor training in recognizing drug and alcohol abuse or misuse will help keep your workplace safe and productive, and the training can be completed through classroom training.

Drug testing in Arizona is crucial in many industries, so you should know if your company needs help. At Oschmann Employee Screening Services, we are qualified to help you keep your workforce clean and productive. Feel free to visit our website or call us at (800) 224-8532 today for a look at our services.


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